Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chanukah halachah, etc.

Searching my blog for the word "Chanukah," I came up with the following information:
  • No, one is not supposed to remove one's tefillin before Hallel on Chanukah.  (If the Rosh Chodesh that takes place during Chanukah falls on a weekday, one does remove one's tefillin before the Musaf prayer, as always on Rosh Chodesh.)
  • I can't even find it again, but somewhere on my blog, there's a note reminding me not to say Psalm 20, La-m'natseach, during Chanukah.  One omits this psalm (along with the Tzidkat'cha tzedek prayer, when applicable [Saturday night only?]) every time one omits the Tachanun prayer.
  • Many have the custom to add Psalm 30, Mizmor, Shir Chanukat HaBayit (A Psalm, A Song for the Dedication of the House) after the Shir shel Yom (Psalm of the Day), in honor of the Chanukat HaBayit (Dedication of the House) when the Bet HaMikdash (Holy Temple) was restored after the victory of the Maccabees.
  • A new note for my list, courtesy of my husband:  On the day preceding a day on which one omits the Tachanun prayer, one omits the Tachanun prayer during the Minchah (Afternoon) Service.
  • Swiped from my original Word version of the list linked above: October 22, 2008 update:  On Chanukah and Sukkot, including Chol HaMoed Sukkot, Hallel is always Full Hallel—there’s never a Half-Hallel during Sukkot or Chanukah.
Friday, December 14, 2012 Rosh Chodesh Tevet update:  Surprise, surprise--the Musaf Amidah prayer on Chanukah Rosh Chodesh Tevet does include the Al HaNissim paragraph.  Nu, Shira, you didn't remember this from previous years?


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